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It's not a portal. It's not a comprehensive knowledge base. So just what is this site?

The humble beginning started due to positive feedback I received from two comments that I posted on SlashDot.

I made the assertion that there were a lot of experienced programmers who would love to contribute to Linux, but today's OpenSource culture isn't helping them make the transition as smoothly as it could. "Go read the manual, HowTo, and FAQs" isn't helpful when you don't know where they are, find out they were dated or incomplete, or discover they were were composed by someone who couldn't form a complete sentence.

This site is a valve on the firehose of information available. As real world users, like yourself, run into snags, we try to capture and document both the problem and a solution in a manner that's terse and that will easily be picked up by search engines.

Our objective is to help you solve your problem, not keep you at our site.

Since this site was established, there has been a call to go well beyond the technical. As such, we've expanded our scope to include resources about software development, SCM, QA, consulting, tips and tricks, and laundry lists.

While we re-organize the site's contents, please use the search box above to locate articles.

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