Yes, we are accepting submisions at this time.

Articles need to be relevant to software development techniques, processes, or experiences. They must be original and come from the author/maintainer. Articles must be in HTML, illustrations in JPEG and PNG only. We can help with graphic and document format conversions.

We currently do not pay for articles (you may have noticed the deliberate lack of advertising).

The author will always be given credit with the article. Unlike other publications, the author retains the right to publish elsewhere. We will not sell copies of your work. We do reserve the right to add additional hyperlinks to the document.

When submitting be aware that this site may be mirrored, accessed by search and archival engines, and that once the document is served we can not control what happens to it. In short, this is a good place to get publication points, post useful information to the world, and get a little recognition in return.

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