Slingcode: Searching

Search instructions are pretty simple. Type a list of words into the search box at the top of any page and hit return. To get back to the main site, click on the logo in the upper left.

Hints for advanced users: You can do partial word searches. Avoid using plurals, for instance look for SERVER instead of SERVERS. You can not do wildcard matches. Order does matter, see the minus operator below.

Performing an OR

Simply list the words: PHP ZOPE APACHE
This locates any resources that have PHP, ZOPE, or APACHE in them.

Performing an AND

Prefix words with a plus sign: LINUX +GAME
This locates any resources that are LINUX and GAME related.

Performing a NOT

Prefix words with a minus sign: PHP -ZEND
This lists all resources pertaining to PHP, but not ZEND.

Yields: All Linux resources have nothing to do with games or magazines.

Advanced usage

Once you use a minus sign, this indicates that you are trying to drill down.
Looks for all Linux and Magazine resources that are not about games.

However, changing the order to: LINUX -GAMES MAGAZINE
Returns all Linux resources that are not game related but are only magazines.

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