Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Resources

If you're looking for just a quick reference sheet, take a look at the HTML Card from VisiBone that includes a compact reference on cascading style sheets.

Cascading Style Sheets

The Definitive Guide
by Eric A. Meyer, ISBN 1-56592-622-6
Explains just about everything you need to know about Cascading Style Sheets in a clear reference guide.

The Zen of CSS Design

Visual Enlightenment for the Web
by Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag, ISBN 0-321-30347-4
If you haven't seen it already, check out the website CSS Zen Garden. The site has one page of HTML that is rendered by many, many, many beautiful style sheets.

This book explains a lot about design concepts and layouts, and then it goes into a decomposition of several of the more stunning pages, explaining how various eye catching effects were managed with cascading style sheets.

For those wanting a tutorial on CSS, this is not the best place to find it. If you are familiar with CSS and want to push your limits, or if you want to get a good handle on design principles, this is where to start.

Eric Meyer on CSS

Mastering the Language of Web Design
by Eric Meyer, ISBN 0-7357-1245-X
Eric takes a number of web sites and converts them into fancy CSS equivalents in an incremental fashion.

The real meat seems to be the sidebar discussions in which workarounds, tricks, and quirks are exposed and discussed.

This is not a reference book, but a learn-by-example book.

More Eric Meyer on CSS

10 All-New Projects from the Master
by Eric Meyer, ISBN 0-7357-1425-8
Eric covers reports, backgrounds, drop-down menus, tabs, and more.

This book picks up with advanced subjects and is far more code oriented, while still using the show-by-example style of writing.

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