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SMERFS Source Code

The source code to SMERFS is only available for SMERFS 5 and it only exists in FORTRAN. SMERFS^3 source is not available, though you can obtain the binaries for Windows.

Anyone interested in starting an Open Source port of this to C/C++ may wish to contact Dr. Farr and optionally the maintainer of this site. The effort will be quite welcome.

SMERFS was originally a modeling library written in FORTRAN. It has since been used by systems such as CADRE, and there's even a remote possiblity of CADRE and SMERFS remerging.

However, the GUI version of SMERFS^3 was contracted out, and so the code that implements that version is unavailable (just as if you took public code and made a derivative product). The math isn't a secret.


SMERFS Revision Five, 21-Sep-1993

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