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SMERFS and SMERFS^3 were developed via Department of Defense funding, and as a project paid for by United States tax-dollars, the software is freely available.

It used to be that to get it, one would have to contact Dr. Farr directly to have files emailed. This resulted in a significant lack of information on the web for people looking for SMERFS while at the same time generating unnecessary workload for kind Dr. Farr.

Dr. Farr has given his permission to provide SMERFS via the web, including the source. [implementation notes]

SMERFS V [1982-1996]

Statistical Modeling and Estimation of Reliability Functions for Software

SMERFS V, also known as SMERFS 5, is the latest, offically blessed version of SMERFS. It was written in FORTRAN 77 and designed to be highly portable.

Interactive, sequential, text menus. [FORTRAN 77 source]

  • (143k) - Windows, binary only.
  • smerfs50.gz (94k) - Unix, Slackware 8.1, 2.4.18 kernel, GCC 3.1, ELF, binary.

SMERFS Cubed [1996-present]

Statistical Modeling and Estimation of Reliability Functions for Systems: (Software, Hardware, and Systems)

SMERFS Cubed, SMERFS^3, and SMERFS3 are all the same nomenclature for the same pieces of software. It was designed and implemented by Oliver Smith.

SMERFS Cubed is the next generation of SMERFS, it works with Software, Hardware, and System models. Note, however, that note all models are avaiable, and those new models that are available are something you should be thanking NASA for funding.

Unfortunately, relatively little official documentation exists at this time for SMERFS. [rev 2](1.9Meg) - Graphical Windows-based version of SMERFS^3. While this archive includes some online help, you will want to snag documenation, presentation, and article information below until there's an official user's guide.

SMERFS Documentation

Comparing SMERFS V with SMERFS^3 (Word, 1 Page) [html]

SMERFS^3 Data Input Specifications (Word, 1 Page)


Taken from Dr. Behrouz H. Far's (not the same as Dr. William Farr) software engineering SENG521 course (Chapter 12):


NASA Training   March 14, 2002 (PowerPoint, 45 Slides)
    Software Reliability & SMERFS^3
    A Methodology and Tool for Software Reliability Assessment

    Provides an overview of software reliability and illustrates the SMERFS^3 tool for software reliability assessment.

Using SMERFS^3 (PowerPoint, 7 Slides)

    Presentation Handouts for using SMERFS^3, the GUI version.


Pratical Software Reliability Modeling (Word, 9 Pages)
    An article by Dolores Wallace, provided by Dr. Farr, which discusses how SMERFS^3 was used in the real world by NASA's Software Assurance Technology Center at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

As you can see, there are limited resources documenting SMERFS, both its usage and its internals. If you are an educator that has produced materials pertaining to SMERFS, please support the SMERFS community by having that material hosted here for free. [Contact the site administrator.]
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